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Group Membership

Club or Group Membership

Membership of the SRA is available to clubs, groups, societies, syndicates or bunches of friends, at reduced rates, determined by the size of the group.

Membership includes Violent Crime Reduction Act (VCR) compliant public liability insurance, in the sum of up to £10 million per claim and deals with claims against your members for injuries or damage caused by their negligence whilst taking part in a shooting (or other insured) activity. 

The insurance is valid for UK residents throughout Europe and covers every kind of amateur legal shooting activity; also covered is archery, living history and battle re-enactment. 

Please note, once we have received your details you will then be sent PayPal details in order to make payment - via email

You pay “per person” (minimum of 3) at the rate for the overall size of your group from the table below;

No. of members:

  3-40                          41-99                  100-199                    200-399                    400+

£25.00                     £18.00                   £13.50                        £12.50                   £12.00

Name of club or group and Key member's name and address*


Email Address*

Number of associates that require membership*

Price Range*

Fighting fund donation (if you can)

On behalf of the members in this group I agree that we will abide by Shooters’ Rights Association rules and bye-laws.*

Thank you! Your message was sent successfully.

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